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ad·den·dum \ə-ˈden-dəm\

n. something that is added; an addition 

Painting under "Addendum24", Kristine Brandt is a Bay Area raised artist with classical training from Florence, Italy and an Illustrative background from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  She's a muralist, plein air, fine artist, illustrator, and paper goods pusher.  Addendum24's style is ever evolving; slowly adding new styles and mediums. Finding beauty, rhythm, and balance between realism and abstract art is what mixed media artist illustrates in her paintings.  Working with everything from charcoal, oil, and spray paint, she harmonizes fine art painting techniques with monochromatic abstraction while glorifying the beauty of human figure.  Her intent is to captivate the viewer's perception of beauty beyond the rhythmic chaos of the composition.    




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